Customer Spotlight – Game Day USA

Customer Spotlight – Game Day USA


Game Day USA HousingNow in its 14th year of success, Game Day USA, based in Naperville, IL, proudly hosts over 150 baseball and softball events in 12 states and sees over 6,000 teams play in its tournaments and events every year. We spoke with Don Flynn, Senior Director of Development & Relationships at Game Day USA to uncover the secrets to their success, as well as what’s trending in the world of baseball and softball events:

What makes Game Day USA unique?

We really maintain a focus on hosting our events in family destinations. Our goal is to host events in cities where families would like to spend time, enjoy the city amenities and have fun outside of the event. So many tournaments are now doubling as families’ vacations, or long weekends, so this is a priority to offer our participants.

We also host over 40 events that are “championship ring” tournament, where the winning team in each age group receives a keepsake championship ring. These events have been extremely popular with the players.

Lastly, we do multiple postseason events, including our All-Star events in July and August, and the Junior All-American games in the fall and winter, which are hosted at major league spring training complexes. Both are individual player events with over 3,000 players participating. It’s a great opportunity to play in something unique, on amazing fields and meet new players. The players and parents love it.

Don Flynn, Senior Director of Development

What’s your favorite thing about being part of the Game Day USA team?

We’ve got a great, experienced team and we’ve all been pulling on the same end of the rope for years, which has helped us create double digit growth and expansion. It’s been very gratifying to see all the hard work pay off.

What do you see as being the biggest growing trend in the youth sports industry?

Definitely the creation of youth sports mega-complexes across the country.  Not only for baseball and softball, but we see facilities being built for multiple sports including field houses for basketball, volleyball and indoor soccer.  Youth sport economic impact can be substantial for communities and it doesn’t look like it’s going to let up anytime soon.


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