Customer Spotlight: Greater Lansing Sports Authority

Customer Spotlight: Greater Lansing Sports Authority

Each month we like to take some time to highlight the people who matter most to us – our customers! This month, we talked with our partners over at the Greater Lansing Sports Authority in Lansing, MI to get a better sense of what has made them thrive over the past 13 years that they’ve existed within their community, and what they believe are the secrets to their success.

About the Greater Lansing Sports Authority

Founded in 2005, the Greater Lansing Sports Authority was started with the goal of creating positive economic impact by bringing sports events of all shapes and sizes to the community. By being the voice of sports tourism in their area, they strive to improve the quality of life for all of their residents by not only bringing in tourism revenue to the area, but also in helping to enhance the community’s reputation of being friendly, healthy & fit.

Over the years, Lansing has played host to thousands of events of all kinds, with just some of their top events listed below:

  • US Hockey Youth Nationals
  • US Figure Skating Regional and Sectional Championships
  • NUWAY Nationals
  • NCAA Golf Regional and National Championships
  • US Archery Collegiate Championships
  • US Team Trials for World Archery Youth Championships
  • PDGA Women’s Nationals
  • Stunt Nationals
  • USA High School Clay Target League National Championships
  • Fencing Collegiate Championships

Through these events and others like them, the GLSA has accomplished the following outcomes for their community over the past ten years:

  • 270% increase in athletic events since 2006
  • 340% increase in number of athletes coming to the region
  • 185% increase in sports-related hotel room consumption over a ten-year period

Secrets to Success

Mike Price, Executive Director

With so many great communities across the US for people to host their events in, there are a few things that seem to set the Lansing area apart. When asked about their phenomenal growth and success in bringing events to the area, Mike Price, Executive Director of GLSA, cites “the overall culture and service-first mentality of the entire community” as the main reason the Sports Authority has been so successful. “Between the affordability of the area, our great facilities, and the overall enthusiasm of our community members towards our visitors,” Price says, “event hosts and their attendees are guaranteed a great experience from start to finish when they come here. We’re a large enough community to host national events but still small enough for people to get the ‘hometown’ experience and to truly feel recognized and appreciated.”

Of course, having the flexibility to host all sorts of events year-round in their many different venues is also a key to the GLSA’s success. From the 40+ acres of outdoor field space they have to offer at the Hope Sports Complex, the hockey rinks and 54,000 sq. ft. field house at The Summit Sports and Ice Complex, the versatile 52,000 sq. ft. facility at Aim High Sports, to the 175,000 sq. ft. of event space available at The Lansing Convention Center, the community is able to host just about any event or tournament.

Tom Kinder, Manager of Sports Development

Tom Kinder, Manager of Sports Development for GLSA also stated the importance of the general location of the community within the state. “Being in the center of the state allows people from all over to come here without much travel time. Additionally, since we go through all four seasons here in Michigan, the ability for us to host different sports throughout the year is a great benefit to be able to offer.”

Importance of Housing Partnership

At Pse, we have been proud to work with the Greater Lansing Sports Authority for 13 years, during which time we have grown together and are happy to serve all of their event attendees. “The partnership we have developed together with all of the area hotels  as well as the seamless booking experience our attendees are able to receive through Pse,” said Kinder, “has been another huge key to our success.”

If you would like to learn more about hosting your event in the Lansing area, please contact Tom Kinder at Or, if you would like to learn more about the type of housing partnerships available to CVBs and Sports Commissions, please fill out the contact form below and we will be happy to assist!