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Many times, event stakeholders fail to achieve the number one housing goal for any event – to maximize tracked room nights within the event blocks.

With so much at stake for the event organizer, the tournament director, the CVB, the DMO & the housing company – why do these stakeholders often miss on this goal?

Get our Collaborative Playbook to Maximize Room Night Pickup, where you’ll gain insights from an event organizer, a DMO, and a housing company:

  • 1

    How to ensure ALL stakeholders collaborate to establish aligned goals

    The goal is always maximizing room night pickups, it’s crucial to know why it’s important for each party.

  • 2

    How to create an environment that ensures each stakeholder is working together

    Commitment means more than just participation, and having proper metrics and visibility helps ensure all parties do their part to achieve success.

  • 3

    4 Step Model to develop a housing plan that ensures clarity, visibility…and action

    Our proven approach to action planning includes perspectives from a leading DMO, Event organizer and Housing company.

  • 4

    Top 10 Housing Performance Drivers

    Use this checklist to ensure you are focusing on the right things that drive successful housing outcomes. Get this playbook to help make your next event a successful one.

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