Employee Spotlight – Patti Gaudy

Meet Patti – International Travel & Vacations Specialist


Did you know that in addition to handling all of our customers’ event housing needs, we can plan and book your vacations as well? Meet Patti, our resident vacations and international travel expert, and learn a little more about her below – and then contact her here to plan your next trip!


How did you end up in travel?

“I just love to travel and making people happy. So after I retired from my job as an Event Coordinator at St. John Fisher College, I became a travel agent and found my true calling!  I love seeing the world through other people’s travels!”


What do you like most about the job?

“People love to go on vacations, so I get to work with very happy customers! I really enjoy helping my customers get to do things they are excited about, whether that’s going on their honeymoon, a family trip, or just a much-needed vacation. It feels great to be able to help them through that process.  My husband and I have traveled extensively, so it’s fun to share my own experiences with my clients.”


What motivates you every day?

“Exploring new places and meeting new people – on the phone, online or in-person. In addition to my own travels, I get to see the world through the experiences of all of my customers, and that’s really cool.”


What is the most fun trip you’ve planned for someone so far?

“I think the best one so far was a trip I planned for a couple who did a 14 day tour of Ireland. They went all over – they were able to visit all the major sites around the country, and they even stayed overnight in a castle! Overall, it was the perfect mix of free time and tour time, and they loved it.”


If you could go anywhere, where would it be?

“New Zealand & Australia – hopefully soon!”


Why should people use a travel agent vs. booking trips on their own?

“In many cases, when people go to book on travel sites, there is a lot of fine print that people don’t realize is there, like a “no-refund” or pre-pay policy. A good travel agent can look at a number of different options for you and save you the time it takes to research these options, look for the best deals, and evaluate the quality of the hotels, tours, etc., and help you to avoid some of these “no refund” deals or other traps. When I plan a trip for my customers, I put together a whole package that includes air travel, hotel, rental car and activities – whatever they would like.  I take all the ‘work” out of it and leave the vacationing to them! And it doesn’t cost them anything to use our planning services so really, there’s no down side to it! ”


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