How To Conduct A Housing Needs Assessment [Free Template]

How To Conduct A Housing Needs Assessment [Free Template]

Whether you’re starting a brand new tournament or you’re the director of an event that’s been going on for years, housing should be an essential part of your strategy. A good housing strategy ensures happy customers, increased revenue, and more control over your attendees’ overall experience at your event – and the first step in creating a successful housing strategy is conducting a needs assessment.

It may seem obvious, but completing a needs assessment is an important (and often overlooked) step towards the creation of a housing plan that will achieve our customers’ ideal outcomes. Below, we’ll detail the basics of a needs assessment and give you some tools to get started:

So what is a needs assessment?

A needs assessment is a process for identifying current conditions and measuring them against desired conditions – essentially, taking a look at how things are today, and where you want them to be. Once your assessment is finalized, you can move onto the next step, which is to create a plan on exactly how you will fill in the gaps between your current housing outcomes and your desired ones.

Who needs to be involved?

Ideally, you or your event director, your housing partner, and possibly your CVB or other community partner should be involved in the completion of your assessment so they can help give some more context around some of the key needs areas, like what other events might be going on in the area at the time, issues around venue availability, standard room rates at local hotels, etc. If you don’t currently have a housing partner or CVB partner, you can fill it out to the best of your ability but should try and get some additional input from at least one or two other people in your organization with prior experience with your event or other events in the area.

How do I conduct a needs assessment?

We’ve put together a free template that you can use to get started with your own housing needs assessment. Just fill out the form below to receive the template, which can be easily downloaded and used across events of all types. Happy planning!


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