How To Make the Most Out of Your Comp Rooms

First things first – what is a comp room?

When we talk about “comp rooms,” we’re referring to the complimentary (free) room nights that some hotels will offer as a kind of reward for booking a certain number of room nights within the block set up for your event. For example, a hotel may agree to offer 1 free room night for every 25 nights booked in your block, which you can then use for your event staff or coaches.

Every hotel has their own policy regarding comp rooms – some may offer less, some more, but it’s always a great idea to ask, especially if you’re looking to offset the costs for your staff or coach rooms.

At PSE, our Account Coordinators work directly with our clients to come up with a comp strategy that works best for their needs and help ensure that all their comp needs are being met, but whether you’re already working with a housing partner or setting up your own blocks, here are a few tips we’ve put together on how to get the most out of your comp rooms:

Getting More Comp Rooms:

  • Be as accurate as possible when deciding how many rooms your guests will actually need – if you offer too many hotel options and people are spread out over many different hotels, it is less likely you’ll be able to book enough rooms at any one hotel to hit the minimum number needed to get a comp room.
  • More rooms booked = More comp rooms! Make sure your attendees are booking in the blocks you’ve set up by communicating the hotel information to them as much as possible. Make sure the hotel information is on your event site, send them reminder emails (like we do here at PSE), and make sure the information gets out as soon as possible.
  • If your event is not already “stay-to-play,” it’s definitely worth considering if getting comp rooms is important to you. Stay to Play events are more likely to result in more rooms booked, which means more comp rooms for your staff / coaches.

Getting The Rooms You Need:

  • Don’t wait to see if you’ve hit your comp ratio before booking the staff rooms you need. In especially busy times, you might run the risk of your entire block booking up and the hotel selling out before you get a chance to book your staff rooms. Instead, we recommend that you book the rooms you need to be comped as soon as possible, and then making sure the hotel applies any earned comp nights to those rooms.
  • Think about the kinds of rooms you will need for your staff. Do you have three coaches staying together in one room? Will their rooms NEED to have two beds and a pull-out sofa? If not already being offered as a room type in your block, make sure the hotel will be able to comp this type of room, if that is what you need.

Ensuring Comps Are Applied:

  • As a rule, it’s a good idea to check with the hotel about 30-45 days before the event to see how many nights have been booked in your blocks, and how many free nights you may have earned. If it looks like you’ve gotten enough people to book in your block to earn you some free nights, let your hotel contact know which reservations you would like those applied to.
  • Finally, right before the event (2-3 days before, after the schedule is released), check back with the hotel to see if the number of booked rooms has changed as it is common for some people to cancel one of their nights if they don’t have an early morning game on the first day. This could affect the total number of room nights booked, and therefore, the total number of comp rooms.


At PSE, we are proud to work hard for our customers, which includes assisting them with negotiating and booking comp rooms for their coaches and staff.

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