Why Making Your Event Site Mobile-Friendly Is More Important Than Ever

Why Making Your Event Site Mobile-Friendly Is More Important Than Ever

It probably comes as no surprise to most people that more and more Internet users are using their mobile devices to access the Internet than ever before (and that number just continues to rise). But what may be a surprise to our customers is exactly how many people are already using their mobile devices vs. traditional desktop computers to use the web – and how it’s directly affecting your event or tournament.

The Growth of Mobile

If we look at some of the stats from the past couple of years, we can see just how quickly mobile is gaining ground:

  • In 2018, 52.2% of all worldwide online traffic was generated through mobile phones, up from 50.3% in the previous year (Statista)
  • 57% of all US online traffic now comes from smartphones and tablets (Brightedge)


Even here at Pse we see this trend being mirrored with our users. Over the past three years, we’ve seen an increase of 11.1% of all our users who access our site via their smartphone or tablet, and like the rest of the world, that number is only increasing.

  • Mobile Behavior on Pse’s Site:
    • 2016: 31.26% of all users accessed site on mobile or tablet
    • 2017: 33.34% of all users accessed site on mobile or tablet
    • 2018: 42.36% of all users accessed site on mobile or tablet


How Having (Or Not Having) a Mobile-friendly Website or Booking System Affects Your Tournament

We know that more people are accessing the Internet via mobile than ever before – but what exactly does that mean for you and your customers? Below are just a few more things to consider when thinking about how your attendees’ experience on your website can dramatically affect your event’s success:

The Dangers of Not Being Mobile-Friendly:

  • 57% of users say they won’t recommend a business with a poorly-designed mobile site. (socPub)
  • When people have a negative brand experience on mobile, they are 62% less likely to purchase from that brand in the future than if they had a positive experience. (Google)


The Benefits of Being Mobile-Friendly:

  • Average smartphone conversion rates are up 64% compared to desktop conversion rates. (socPub)
  • 89% of people are likely to recommend a brand after a positive experience on Mobile. (Google)


How To Ensure You’re Not Losing Customers Due To A Bad Mobile Experience

  • Make your own site mobile-friendly: Ideally, you would work with your web designer to make sure the mobile experience on your site is the best possible one for your customers, but there are some free tools out there that you can give a try, like this one: 9 Free Tools to Help You Create a Mobile Site
  • Make sure that all your tournament partners are using mobile-friendly sites (like your housing company!): Any other sites you are directing your customers to should also provide a seamless mobile experience. For example, in addition to including our 24/7 online chat feature, all of our booking pages at Pse are completely optimized for mobile (like the one shown below), so our customers can be sure their attendees are receiving the best possible experience when booking their rooms.

To learn more about our mobile booking capabilities and see how we can get you set up on our system, please contact us by filling out the form below and will will be happy to discuss how we can work with you!