Pse Housing Customers Named 2018 Champions of Economic Impact

On November 19th, Sports Destination Management Magazine announced its 2018 “Champions of Economic Impact in Sports Tourism,” and we were happy to see a number of Pse’s own clients on that list!

The GPS Memorial Day Tournament, hosted across 100 different fields in Massachusetts, Rhode Island and New Hampshire over Memorial Day weekend, saw over 23,000 spectators come to the area. For this large-scale event (deemed the largest youth soccer tournament in North America), Pse assisted more than 1,050 teams who attended the event, and their hotel stays contributed to an estimated $5 million economic impact! 

Another tournament partner of Pse’s, the National Lacrosse Classic, was also recognized for their outstanding economic impact. This year, the annual tournament attracted more than 5,000 visitors to the DE Turf Complex in Kent County, DE, and had an estimated total economic impact of $3 million.

We’re proud to partner with these events and many others that have such a positive economic impact on their communities and continue to display excellence in the youth sports and tournament industry.

Interested in seeing how Pse can help contribute to your event’s economic impact through housing? Drop us a line below!