What Tournament Directors Can Learn From the Super Bowl

Regardless of whether or not you’re a football fan or if your team actually made it to the Super Bowl this year, it’s safe to say that everybody knows about it, and it’s nearly impossible for anybody to miss hearing about the big game in the weeks leading up to the main event.

One of the ways the NFL continues to spread awareness and build up excitement for the event is by giving their superfans and partners the tools they need to easily become ambassadors and spread the messages for them to all of their own social networks.

Here are a few examples from the Super Bowl’s own social media strategy that can apply to anybody looking to grow their event, from football to field hockey:

Use Event-Specific Hashtags

How the Super Bowl did it: 

With the use of the #SBLIII hashtag, the Super Bowl and NFL were able to make it easy for people to create and easily share their own content from and about the event within their own networks (and beyond):

How Tournaments can do it: 

The Fire On Ice Girls’ Hockey Tournament in Rochester, NY established their official hashtag #ROCFireOnIce and promoted it throughout the event, even going so far as to put it on signs for people to use in pictures and share on their own social networks:




Create Content That Represents Your Audience

How the Super Bowl did it: 

The Super Bowl and the NFL are great at creating content that people and fans actually want to share, so they can show off their excitement for the event or support for their team simply by retweeting or liking posts like the one below:


How Tournaments can do it: 

Parents, teams, and players are just as passionate (if not more) about their sport and their dedication to it. Provide them with content that helps them show this off to the world, like the National Lacrosse Classic did with this post: 


Highlight Your Top Talent & Show Your Event as THE Place for Greatness:

How the Super Bowl did it: 

In the weeks leading up to and after the Super Bowl, the NFL capitalized on the success of Pats’ QB Tom Brady, highlighting just how far he had come in the sport and further cemented the Super Bowl’s reputation as the event where greats are born:


How Tournaments can do it: 

Legacy Global Hockey shared this score sheet from their 1997 Motown Classic Hockey Tournament that happened to feature eventual NHL players and draft picks, highlighting their event as one where the future greats come together to play:


So although you may not yet have a world-famous event like the Super Bowl, there are plenty of lessons to be learned from the big game and ways you can make your own event a little more “world-class!”


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